In order to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment, the right real estate must be purchased from the right person. Otherwise, the citizenship application results in the rejection of the application.
Our Citizenship Lawyers can give you the necessary information to avoid problems that may occur during this application. We assist you with our team of experts and provide you professional help in the scope of Citizenship Law.

What kind of properties can be subject to sale or promise of sale in the scope of citizenship law?

The following properties can be subject to sale or promise of sale to acquire citizenship through investment:

  • The property in question cannot be registered in the land registry in the name of foreign real persons (including the spouse and children of the foreign person who will acquire)
  • The property should not have been transferred by the foreign real person, his/her spouse and children after 12.01.2017. However, after the transfer of the property registered in the name of the foreign real person after 12.01.2017 to the Turkish citizen/company, it is possible to be acquired by another foreign real person for the purpose of acquiring citizenship.
  • The property must not be registered in the land registry in the name of the company legal entity of which the applier is a partner or manager.

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Who will be evaluated as foreigner or Turkish citizen in the scope of citizenship law?

  • Foreign real persons who have acquired Turkish citizenship through the acquisition of property and whose MERNIS record contains the statement “Acquired Turkish citizenship in accordance with Article 12 subparagraph of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901” until the removal of the commitment.
    • It is not possible for these persons to sell their properties, during the commitment period.
    • During the commitment period, it is possible to sell the non-committed immovable properties of these persons (if any) to foreign real persons or Turkish citizens who do not intend to acquire Turkish citizenship, but not to foreign real persons who intend to acquire properties for the purpose of acquiring Turkish citizenship).
  • Persons who have renounced their Turkish citizenship with permission (Blue Card holders) will not be considered as foreigners within the scope of Citizenship Law.
  • In the event that Turkish citizens also have citizenship of another country (dual nationality), Turkish citizenship will be taken as the basis for the transactions to be made.

Buying the right real estate from the right person is important for citizenship procedures. The slightest wrongdoing will result in the cancellation of the citizenship application. This cancellation means a waste of both time and money.

We carry out your citizenship transactions through investment flawlessly and closely follow the whole process for you.