Amid ongoing debates regarding substantial increases in rental amounts, a landmark decision, which bears significant implications,  has emerged from the General Assembly of the Court of Cassation. The Supreme Court ruled that in cases where rental payments are transferred to bank accounts through wire transfers, the associated transaction fees are the responsibility of the tenant. The Court further determined that if such transaction fees are deducted from the rental payment by the landlord and the remainder is transferred, the tenant will be deemed to have made an incomplete payment. This recent precedent-setting decision has profound implications, particularly for those engaged in the realm of property leasing.

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The heart of this pivotal legal development stems from a recent case that placed the spotlight on a crucial aspect of tenancy agreements. Specifically, the Supreme Court’s decision revolves around the issue of tenants who have relocated, compelling them to conduct rental payments through bank transfers. This practice, while convenient, has sparked debates about its implications for both tenants and landlords.

In this groundbreaking judgment, the Supreme Court has ruled that tenants who transfer their rent to the landlord’s bank account should be mindful of shouldering the associated transaction fees. The Court’s stance underscores that if these fees are deducted from the rent before being deposited into the landlord’s account, the tenant could potentially find themselves in a position of underpayment, inadvertently leading to complications.

This verdict holds significance for both tenants and landlords, prompting a closer examination of their roles and responsibilities within the tenancy relationship. For tenants, this ruling highlights the importance of ensuring that the full rent amount reaches the landlord’s account, considering the potential deduction of transaction fees. On the landlord’s side, this decision underscores the necessity of clear communication regarding the rent payment process, including the implications of transaction fees.

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